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Our Story


We are determined to empower the agonized patients with the strength of life.  ARCE therapeutics, Inc. is devoted to the development of immune cell therapy platforms and products, aiming to fulfill unmet medical needs by translating groundbreaking biomedical technology to patients with cancer and other non-cancerous diseases.

ARCE Therapeutics, Inc. is a global biotech company, established on Feb. 3, 2020 to develop patented intellectual properties in immune cell & gene engineering technology, followed by human or veterinary clinical trials and eventual commercialization to market. 

Our company was founded by Mr. Ray Chen and Dr. Chien-Tsun Kuan, and we are committed to revolutionizing the technology in the field of immunology by harnessing patient’s own immune system, especially T cells, to eradicate cancer cells or other diseases, thus transforming patient’s life.  We are dedicated to creating new technologies and products through our proprietary platform technologies and partnerships with universities, research institutions and other biotech companies worldwide.