Join the 9th Annual Biologics World Taiwan 2021

While China, India, and Korea are leading the pack in the Asia region for biologics, Taiwan has also been stepping up its efforts to boost its biologics sector and capture a share of the global market. The 2009 national plan for biotech development helped kick-start the sector, which has since doubled in revenue size to reach NT$ 118.6 bn (US$3.8 bn) in 2019. The main focus is on the development of new drugs and biologics (by

Dr. Chien-Tsun Kuan, the President / CEO and co-founder of ARCE Therapeutics, Inc., will join the Leadership Panel Discussion by Taiwan Leaders: Advances in Cell Therapy Research Development on Sept. 9th, 2021 at the 9th Annual Biologics World Taiwan 2021.  The panel will talk about the update on recent advances of cell therapy in Taiwan and discuss how to overcome the current challenges.  Welcome to join the conference through the link below.