Welcome to the 5th Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia 2021

Asia’s cell and gene therapy industry is investing in long-term global opportunities, especially in CAR-T, CAR-NK, Stem cell and iPSC-based cell therapies, CRISPR-based gene therapies, genome-editing technologies and many more.  Likewise, global investors and partners are keen on developing relationships with Asia’s cell and gene therapy companies and working towards Asia’s success in the field (by

Dr. Chien-Tsun Kuan, the President / CEO and co-founder of ARCE Therapeutics, Inc., will be presenting at the upcoming 5th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia, live streaming on 15th and 16th of September 2021.  His presentation on < Next Generation CAR Cell Therapies - Technologies & Development > will cover:

1. Current status and challenges of CAR-T cell therapies

2. New development beyond CD19 CAR-T

3. ARCE’s next generation CAR technologies and advances

Welcome to join the conference through the link below.