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Fast Production of CAR-T

Shorten the time of CAR-T manufacturing process with proprietary technology and novel process development

Extremely fast cell processing, miniaturized and fully automated

GMP-grade cell manufacturing

Time-saving, Labor-saving, Effective

Clinical needs:

  • Patients are sick and have no time to wait.
  • Shorten the patient's hospital stay and use medical resources effectively

Product features:

  • Ultra-fast cell manufacturing technologyShorten manufacturing process, reduce costs, reduce the time of cell culture in vitro and optimize cell condition
  • Fully automated and miniaturized equipmentAutomation and miniaturization can reduce costs, avoid cell contamination during operation, and reduce space requirements in the medical processing center.
  • GMP-grade cell production:  Comply with the regulations and set the standards

DashCAR™ is a proprietary technology that facilitates the fast manufacturing of chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T). With significant efficacy seen in two FDA-approved CAR-T products, the field of cell-based immunotherapies received immerse attention and great research interests. Despite encouraging clinical outcomes with currently available CAR-T therapies, there is still room for improvement in terms of the time and cost required to produce CAR-T treatments for patients.

Regarding conventional CAR-T therapies, apheresis to expansion of CAR-T cells often takes 9 to 14 days, not to mention the obilgatory releasing tests before infusing back to patients. For seriously ill cancer patients, e.g. patients with relapsed/refractory cancer, the time-consuming process of manufacturing CAR-T treatments seems unbearable in comparison to the agony they faced with the devastating disease. ARCE therapeutics leveages unique research and development vivacity alongside novel process development technology, DashCAR™ is created to realize fast manufacturing of CAR-T cells.

The manufacturing process of conventional CAR-T therapies is like climbing a mountain with various hurdles needed to be coped with; As with DashCAR™, the noteworthy CAR-T manufacturing process, only requires 24 to 72 hrs of time to be ready for patients. In other words, DashCAR™ as if going through a fast-track tunnel that saves valuable time for cancer patients. DashCAR™, a CAR-T therapy with potent efficacy and comprehensive safety profile makes fast manufacturing of CAR-T therapy a reality to provide timely medical service.