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CAR-T with Accuracy and Maximal Potency

CAR-T products with maximal precision and potency manufactured through our optimized technology

Engineered Highly Potent Multifunctional T Cells Countervailing

Hostile Tumor Microenvironment

Multi-targeting, Powerful, Persistent


Clinical needs

  • Cancer recurred easily
  • Developed drug resistance, difficult to cure
  • Immune cells are suppressed in the tumor microenvironment

Product features

  • Multi-targetingPrevent tumor recurrence due to antigen loss, also to expand eligible patients
  • PowerfulThrough recruiting and activating various types of immune cells
  • PersistentCell activity is enhanced and sustained.
  • MultifunctionalSafety improved, toxicity reduced

Growing success and examples of using one’s immune system to fight against cancer has accelerated the development of cancer immunotherapies. In particular, genetically-engineered T cells, such as chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T), has gained unprecedented response in several hematological malignancies. Despite these exciting breakthroughs seen with CAR-T, there are still opportunities for further enhancement. For example, some patients may encounter antigen-loss relapse after CAR-T treatments. Moreover, CAR-T therapy has yet to prove its ability to treat solid tumors.

MaxCAR™, a state-of-the-art technology we designed, prevents patients from relapse. With precise targeting and maximal potency against cancer cells, MaxCAR™ wipes out the entire tumor mass, leaving tumor cells no chance for recurrence. As for solid tumors, the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment (TME) is the major hindrance for cancer immunotherapies. Immune-suppressive factors in TME, such as checkpoint inhibitors, myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC) and regulatory T cells, result in the low efficacy of CAR-T cells in treating solid tumors. With MaxCAR™, we aim to mitigate the immune-suppressive TME, reverse CAR-T exhaustion, and unleash the vitality of the immune system via modulating and coordinating other immune cells. Through MaxCAR™, we launch a synchronised immune attack against tumour cells by which high efficacy of MaxCAR™ is foreseeable.

Fighting against cancer nowadays seems frustrating, but with MaxCAR™, preventing cancer recurrence and effectively treating solid tumors is just around the corner. MaxCAR™ is truly a potential way for we human to conquer cancer.