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One-for-Many CAR-T

"Off-the-shelf” product as OneCAR essentially is, is a more economic choice of cell therapy for patients suffering from cancer

Universal Cell Therapy against Highly Prevalent Targets

Universal, Economical, Safe, Ready to use

Clinical needs

  • Patient’s immune cells are disabled and unable to establish autologous cell drugs
  • Individual medical centers cannot build a cell manufacturing system and medical staff may be overloaded.
  • No drug available after precise diagnosis

Product features

  • UniversalDesign to avoid the allogeneic immune rejection
  • EconomicalMass production by a central unit to reduce costs
  • SafeDesign to improve safety and strengthen cell potency
  • Immediately availablePrepared ahead in large quantities and ready for use upon request

In spite of great efficacy seen with clinically available autologous CAR-T therapies, there are few limitations. Autologous CAR-T therapy harvests T cells from patients. This means that the T cells from seriously-ill patients, may not be able to survive and expand well ex vivo. Those patients may thus unable to receive viable CAR-T cells with great functionality. This donor variation dilemma considerably limits the application of CAR-T therapy.

“Autologous” is another key impediment of CAR-T therapy. Autologous CAR-T is a customized treatment. Harvesting patient’s T cells, activate and genetically modify them, followed by expansion and infusion back into patients. The whole manufacturing process is only for the one specific patient. Naturally, the lengthy and labor-intense process is reflected by the sky-high price of CAR-T treatments. “Off-the-Shelf” is the future for CAR-T therapy and this is the consensus among the cancer immunotherapy community.

Using our proprietary technology, OneCAR™ is the next generation allogeneic CAR-T treatment. “One for Many” is the goal we aim to reach through OneCAR™ technology. As an allogeneic CAR-T therapy, OneCAR™ is derived from healthy donor with optimal efficacy and comprehensive safety profile. Furthermore, OneCAR™ serving as an “Off-the-Shelf” treatment, will benefit more patients, including those with compromised immune system. More importantly, with improved process development, OneCAR™ essentially is a more economic choice of cell-based immunotherapy for patients suffering from cancer.