• About ARCE

Who We Are

We, ARCE Therapeutics, specializes in some of the most important areas of genetic-engineered cellular immunotherapy, including chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy (CAR-T). We are focused on developing treatments for various forms of malignancies, including hematological and solid tumors, as well as non-cancer diseases.

We are committed to originating state-of-the-art products of new generation CAR-T cell therapy with high potency, safety, and durability, and thus to achieve a sustained improved response capable of conquering human diseases. We focus on the needs of patients to achieve the goals of effective treatment of diseases and reasonable medical cost through our "innovative immune cell therapy". We collaborate with partners globally on converging various technologies and platforms and expect to significantly shorten the manufacturing process of CAR-T, as well as to expand CAR-T therapy from autologous to allogeneic administration to benefit more patients.

Our team of senior management advisors and board of directors have held extensive scientific and business leadership in public ICT industry as well as public/private biotech companies and have played major roles in drug discovery and development, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, business development, and intellectual property management.